Do Virgins Taste Better?

A dragon has come to our village today
we've asked him to leave but he won't go a way
Now he's talked to our king and they've worked out a deal:
no homes will he burn and no crops will he steal.

Now there is but one catch, we dislike it a bunch:
twice a year he'll invite him a virgin to lunch.
Well we've no other choice, so the deal we'll respect.
But we can't help but wonder and pause to reflect...

Do virgins taste better than those who are not?
Are they saltier, sweeter, more juicy, or what?
Do you savor them slowly, gulp them down on the spot?
Do virgins taste better than those who are not?

You've rather good taste in your women for sure:
they always are pretty, they always are pure.
But your notion of dining, it makes us all flinch,
for your favorite entrée is barbequed wench.


We'd like to be shed you and many have tried,
but no one can get through your thick, scaly hide.
We hope that some day some brave knight will come by,
cause we can't wait around till you're too fat to fly.


Now we've found a solution, it works out quite neat;
if you insist on nothing but virgins to eat,
no more will our number ever grow small...
we'll simply make sure there's no virgins at all!

Chorus :)