SCA Songs


Most of these songs have a long and glorious tradition in the SCA, and are *totally* acceptable, no matter what your age. However, some of them are inappropriate for younger gentles, and some parents have differing opinions on "acceptable". Please be responsible. You should have a pretty good idea what sort of song lyrics are ok for you to view, and which could get you in trouble. In order to help you discern which songs you should look at, I've informally rated them.

Thank you for your cooperation. And now, on to the songs...

Rated "G" Songs Rated "PG 13" Songs Rated "R" Songs
Come, Follow
Glory, Glory
Gypsy Rover
A Maid Can Tame a Unicorn
Mary Mac
Molly Malone
The Queen of Argyle
Rose Red
The Sick Note
Silent Knight
All For Me Grog
Allyshian Thunder
Black Widows in the Privy
The Blue Ribbon Song
The Clean Song
Do Virgins Taste Better?
Johnny Jump Up
The Lusty Young Smith
The March of Cambreadth
Midnight Clear
The Old Dun Cow
The Ramblin' Rover
The Viking Birthday Song
Whiskey in the Jar
Ye Jacobites
Balls to your Partner
The Moose Song
Yo Ho!